Xbmc not updating tv shows

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You’ve got XBMC on the Apple TV in your living room.

And you want to know the best way to connect your copy of XBMC will all your awesome content.

) added image changing for moviesets added image writing for moviesets (in each movie of a movie set there will be a and movieset-poster.jpg) improved importing of movies into tmm (now also moviesets will be automatically created and assigned) several little bugfixes - Beta - r229 ======================= added mediainfo lib added filter for moviesets (movies in/not in a movieset) fixed a bug where trailer was recognized as movie file maybe did some more - Beta - r197 ======================= added movieset management (most of it is in - you may notice some little glitches when changing a movieset - most of them are solved when you restart tmm) added an option to change title prefixes improved parsing a folder name for the movie name changed JTattoo to the newest release changed tmdb api to the newest release some bugfixes many changes under the hood - Beta - r156 ======================= changed releasenumber to fit to the svn commit many changes under the hood (for a better scraper support) massive ui cleanup (especially for small resolutions) added scraper selection on search window added for trailer scraping (thx to myron) added sorttitles for better sorting of the movie list (thx to myron) added storage of window positions added possibility to take a local image as fanart/poster changed theme improved imdb scraper fixed a bug where runtime = 0min was being scraped by the imdb scraper fixed a bug with renaming options maybe did some more things - Beta - r94 ======================= added feedback and bug report form (now its possible to send feedback and bug reports directly from tmm) added duplicate search added movie tags added as imdb source (don’t expect good results - there are many movies with no plot/tagline; imho plot/title/tagline from tmdb works better) some minor ui fixes - Beta - r93 ======================= Mac OSX (at least Mountain Lion) users can now start tmm again - please download the new package directly from added trailer scraping to the imdb scraper added option to explicit choose the poster and fanart when “single scrape” updated credits minor bugfixes - Beta - r89 ======================= many changes under the hood: added glazedlists so sorting/filtering of the list is faster sorting and filtering of the list solved the gaphical bug with drawing of the tabs (thanks to Michael Hagen - developer of JTattoo) some minor bugfixes - Beta - r80 ======================= changed tab layout of the main screen (there is sometimes one graphical bug with rendering of the tab at startup - just change to another tab/resize window and it will render right) changed window decoration to system default added the option to scrape translateable content (title/tagline/plot) from tmdb with imdb scraper added a main menu added watched flag (also in xbmc nfo) reordered nfo tags to a more logical structure changed thumb tag in nfo to the local file and maybe some other changes - Beta - r68 ======================= added new default skin for all OS added some performance tweaks added Actor images improved parsing of existant data (NFO; image files) added new native starters for OSX and Windows added a splashscreen fixed some bugs and maybe some other things i can’t remember - Alpha 2 - r55 ======================= added renamer added certifications for various countries (thx to ys MP!

You’ve got a bunch of media on your server in your home office.

So if you feel more comfortable following along with a video, definitely do so!

devices) x custom genres work as they should (also wrong picked genres are fixed) x failed http requests are no longer cached - version 2.4.2 ======================= x spacer replacement with .

) - version 2.1 - r768 ======================= option to update a single datasource(see post) added experimental support of scraper added fallback language (en) if the localized translation (title, plot, tagline) for a movie is not found added copy/cut/paste context menu for textfields force NFO rewrite added extra scraping action for episodes (e.g.

for are new episodes in a TV show) x many enchancements to the movie and TV show importers x many stability fixes x edited movie plot will now be stored (to database and NFO) x sort order of movies in a movieset if the movie count 9 x file name of episode thumb x some fixes for Media Portal NFOs x when updating an offline TV show datasource, the TV shows will no longer get removed x duplicate TV shows x scraper settings will now be respected upon scrape - version 2.1 - r716 ======================= movie set token available for movie renamer added movie selection for the renamer preview (in settings) added more languages for the scrapers implemented lazy loading for actor images (now they are only fetched, if the cast tab is visible) x massively improved movie renamer x sortable title is now taken the right way x respect “to scrape options” everywhere (movie section) x improved import of BD/DVD folders x better trailer results from TMDB x better actor images from IMDB x removed useless error popups when importing movies/tv shows with unreadable NFOs x do not add the same datasource multiple times x do not clean movies if the datasource isn’t available (e.g.

If you are still using Java6, please update or you will stay at version 2.6.x added language code ZH (Chinese) to the scraper languages added polish GUI translation added language to the movie bulk editor added option to suppress writing of movie set artwork to movie folder added Polish translation x Movie renamer: fix renaming with empty settings x Movie renamer: fix renaming of unscraped movies x made writing of movie NFO less aggressive x fix occasional error where media information did not get stored x better detection of movie name/year on update x fixed sorttitle editing x fixed searching for tv show season posters (with 4 digit season) - Version 2.6.7 ======================= IMPORTANT: with tiny Media Manager version 2.7 we do not support Java6 anymore. updated mediainfo to 0.7.73 (ARM users now have to install the system version of mediainfo for better compatibility) Mirror support: TMM now distributed on several mirrors for better availability (and error handling for network blockages) Movie renamer: complete rewrite - CHECK YOUR RENAMER SETTINGS!

Movie renamer: possible to “downgrade” a movie, when having no distinct folder. ) added sort option via sort title added an option to name the episode thumbs without the -thumb postfix (improves compatibility for different media players) added director to movie renamer tokens added DVD order renamer tokens (, , $D) x changed detection of DTS-HD codecs (Kodi will display the right logo now after NFO export) x fixed multichannel AAC detection x added a warning message when doing an update data source and no data source specified x renamer: exchange colon with a dash.

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